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Best Dog Stories (Lesley O'Mara)
  1. Memoirs of a Yellow Dog - O. Henry
  2. Tricki Woo - James Herriot
  3. Having No Hearts - Sir Hugh Walpole
  4. Comet - Samuel A. Derieux
  5. For the Love of a Man - Jack London
  6. The Coming of Riquet - Anatole France
  7. Jimmy, the Dog in My Life - Sir Arthur Bryant
  8. 'Teem': a Treasure-Hunter - Rudyard Kipling (from Thy Servant a Dog, 1930)
  9. Gone Wrong - P.G. Wodehouse
  10. The Great Lad - Joyce Stranger
  11. Bunch - James Douglas
  12. Dogs in a Big Way - Kenneth and Anna Roberts
  13. Montmorency - Jerome K. Jerome (from Three Men in a Boat; to Say Nothing of the Dog!, 1889)
  14. Some Sunnybank Dogs - Albert Payson Terhune
  15. Let Us Have a Mongrel Dog Show - Cecil Aldin
  16. Dandy: A Story of a Dog - W.H. Hudson (from A Traveller in Little Things)
  17. Verdun Belle - Alexander Woollcott (originally published under the title Two Gentlemen and a Lady)
  18. The Oracle of the Dog - G.K. Chesterton
  19. The Bitch - Colette
  20. Intelligent and Loyal - Jilly Cooper
  21. The End - Virginia Woolf (last chapter of Flush)

Publisher: Wings (1991)

Dog Is My Co-Pilot: Great Writers on the World's Oldest Friendship

Anthology by the editors of the Bark magazine.

Publisher: Three Rivers Press (2004)

Dogs Singing - A Tribute Anthology (Jessie Lendennie)  pawpawpaw

"Brings together poems which highlight and examine and celebrate the canine world. Contributors include Thomas Lynch, Alicia Ostriker, Maxine Kumin, Neil Astley, Andrea Cohen, Michael Heffernan, William Matthews, Richard Murphy, Kevin Simmonds, Sebastian Matthews, Stephen Dobyns, Theodore Deppe, Rita Ann Higgins, Matthew Sweeney, Pat Boran, Theo Dorgan, Paula Meehan, Pam Uschuk, Jim Rogers and Jordan Taylor." Source: Inpress Books

Publisher: Salmon Poetry (2010)

James Herriot's Dog Stories (James Herriot)

Fifty wonderful dog stories told by British veterinary surgeon James Alfred Wight, AKA James Herriot (1916-1995). Living and working in Thirsk, Yorkshire (renamed Darrowby in the book), Herriot had plenty of good stories to share — some will make you laugh, other will make you get sad, but all will make you glad for having bought this book: the dog that was "womiting", the bitch that bite the vet, the dogs that were "tortured" by Herriot and never forgot it, the dog that liked to frighten the hell out of people as a "hobby", the dog that used to sleep under a pile of snow, the dog that loved to run after cars, the dog that used to fart a lot, the vet who was a hurricane in Herriot's life... and many, many others.

These dogs stories were published in All Creatures Great and Small, All Things Bright and Beautiful, All Things Wise and Wonderful and The Lord God Made Them All — all books worth reading, with cat, cattle, sheep, pig and horse stories! The books were adapted into film (1974) and a TV show (1978-1990).

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin (1986)
Illustrations: Victor Ambrus

Old Dogs Remembered (Bud Johns)

James Thurber, John Updike, Eugene O'Neill, John Cheever, Brooks Atkinson, Loudon Wainwright, John Galsworthy, Stanley Bing, E. B. White, John Burroughs, Molly Ivins, Louis Bromfield, Beth Brown, Ben Hur Lampman (Where to Bury a Dog the one best place to bury a good dog is in the heart of his master), Albert Payson Terhune, Daniel Pinkwater, Raymond Carver, Kenneth Rexroth, W. H. Hudson, T. S. Eliot, Edward Carpenter, Michael Rosen, Georgette Leblanc, E.J. Kahn, Robert Creeley, Robinson Jeffers, Tom Stienstra, and Bud Jonhs himself, reminisce about their favorite dogs. Also, epitaphs by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (To Flush, My Dog), Lord Byron (Epitaph to a Dog, in honor to his beloved Boatswain), William Watson, George Crabbe, William Cowper, Robert Herrick (Upon My Spaniel, Tracie), William Wordsworth, and Thomas Blacklock.

Publisher: Synergistic Publications (1999)

The Divinity of Dogs (Jennifer Skiff) pawpawpaw

Real stories (compiled by Jennifer Skiff) told by people who, saving dogs from sometimes cruel destinies, ended up saving themselves, proving how canines can be loyal, loving, tolerant and comforting for those who share a life with them.

Publisher: Atria Books (2012)

The Greatest Dog Stories Ever Told 
  1. A Faded Photograph - Willie Morris (from My Dog Skip)
  2. Old Dog - Stephen Bodio
  3. On a Spaniel Called Beau Killing a Young Bird - William Cowper
  4. Moses - Walter D. Edmonds - Moses, a dog, arrives at the Heaven Gates and causes some problem to Saint Peter, as sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers, idolaters, liars and... dogs aren't admitted. But Moses doesn't give up.
  5. The Care and Training of a Dog - E.B. White
  6. Mallard-Pool-Mutt - Farley Mowat (from The Dog Who Wouldn't Be)
  7. Gone Wrong - P.G. Wodehouse
  8. The Bloodhounds of Broadway - Damon Runyon
  9. How to Raise a Dog - Jack Alan/Jack Goodman & Alan Green (originally published in How to Do Practically Anything: An Easy Guide to Complete Chaos in Your Business Life, Your Social Life and Your Love Life, 1942) - Owner teaches readers how to train a dog, writing down his own experience with his Great Dane Gilbert. Poor fellow.
  10. Rex - D.H. Lawrence
  11. A Bird Like Christmas - Datus C. Proper
  12. Man's (Sportswriter's) Best Friend - Sparse Grey Hackle
  13. Every Dog Should Own a Man - Corey Ford (originally published in 1952) - The reasons why every dog needs a man and how he (the dog) should train him. Very important: the dog has to be patient; everyone knows it's hard to teach an old man new tricks.
  14. A Dog's Tale - Mark Twain (originally published in 1904) - Aileen Mavoureen, a dog, tells her story. Heartbreaking.
  15. The Sword in the Stone - T.H. White (from The Once and Future King)
  16. The Bear Hunt - Abraham Lincoln
  17. Eagle River - Gary Paulsen (from Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod)
  18. A Conversation with My Dogs - Merrill Markoe (from What the Dogs Have Taught Me)
  19. Blue and Some Other Dogs - John Graves (from From a Limestone Ledge: Some Essays and Other Ruminations about Country Life in Texas)
  20. That Spot - Jack London
  21. Canine Chateau - Veronica Geng
  22. The Cover Artist - Paul Micou
  23. Still is the Land - Beryl Markham
  24. Country Matters - Vance Bourjaily
  25. The Dog That Bit People - James Thurber (originally published in 1933, in My Life and Hard Times) - In his autobiography Thurber presents Muggs, an Airedale Terrier that had a liking for biting people — the only person he never bit was Thurber's mother; she always defended him and, to make up for the damage done to Muggs' "good" image, every Christmas she used to send boxes of candy to the many persons he had bitten. Even a "thunder machine" was built, to scare Muggs out of the way, into the house, to allow strangers work outside it. Despite all the trouble Muggs caused to the family, they loved and kept him till the end.
  26. The Emissary - Ray Bradbury
  27. The Joy of Balls - Peter Mayle (from A Dog's Life)
  28. Garm, a Hostage - Rudyard Kipling (originally published in 1909, in Action and Reactions; available at Project Gutenberg) - Tale by the author of The Jungle Book about the unbreakable link between master and dog. A soldier named Stanley gives his dog to another man to pay a debt of honor; however, as neither man nor dog manage to live apart, the man who got Garm tries to reunite them.
  29. The Dog Who Paid Cash - Will Rogers
  30. "That'll Do!" - R.B. Robertson (from Of Sheep and Men)
  31. Nop and Hope - Donald McCaig (from Nop's Hope)
  32. The Boss Dog - M.F.K. Fisher
  33. Montmorency - Jerome K. Jerome (from Three Men in a Boat; to Say Nothing of the Dog!, 1889)
  34. Walking With a Dog - Thomas Mann (from Herr und Hund)
  35. Beth-Gêlert - William Robert Spencer
  36. My Talks with Dean Spanley - Lord Dunsany

Publisher: Gramercy (2004)