The more I see of men, the more I admire dogs.
Madame Roland?
Frederick The Great?
Marie De Sévigné?
Anne Louise Germaine de Staël?
Blaise Pascal?

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BuddyBilly and Buddy (Buddy)

Created in 1959 by Belgian cartoonist Jean Roba (1930-2006). Buddy is a smart Cocker Spaniel who lives with his seven-year-old boy Billy, Billy's parents, and a turtle named Caroline. Both boy and dog are always up to something! Bill HATES baths.

Billy and Buddy (Boule et Bill in French) were honored with a statue in Jette, Belgium; see STATUES.



Created by American cartoonist David Gilbert. Buckles lives with his master Paul, and Paul's wife Jill. Paul wants to bring up Buckles as a man's dog; Jill treats him like a baby. Buckles' unseen conscious: Flea. Buckles' canine friends: Lester, who is crippled from hip dysplasia, and Rusty, a street dog. Buckles loves Irene... a hydrant! Buckle has a backyard friend (the bird Arden) and a backyard enemy, Scrappy (an obnoxious squirrel).

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FergusCitizen Dog

Newspaper comic strip created by American cartoonist Mark O'Hare, and distributed by Universal Press Syndicate. Fergus, the dog, lives with his single master Mel. Fergus has a cat friend, Cuddles, as well as canine friends: Arlo (his best friend) and Bruno.

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Created by Belgian comics artist Luc Dupanloup AKA Dupa (1945-2000). Cubitus lives with his owner Sémaphore, a retired sailor. He has an enemy, a black and white cat called Sénéchal. Cubitus was made into anime — entitled Wowser in the USA — consisted of 52 two-part episodes (1988-1989). Cubitus was honored with a statue; see STATUES.

SophieDog Eat Doug (Sophie)

Created by American cartoonist Brian Anderson. Sophie, a female Labrador Retriever, is the pet of a young couple who have a baby, Doug.

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DogFootrot Flats (Dog)

Comic by New Zealand cartoonist Murray Ball. Dog is Wallace Cadwallader "Wal" Footrot's Border Collie; he thinks of himself as intelligent and tough, but is really quite soft and often cowardly. This comic also features Prince Charles (Aunt Dolores Monrovia Godwit Footrot's Corgi), Jess (Socrates "Cooch" Windgrass's dog, Dog's girlfriend), Major (Wal's first dog) and Cream Puff, Tiger and Wolf (Stewart "Irish" Murphy's dogs). There were also a stage musical, an animated feature film called Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tail Tale, and a theme park in New Zealand.

FredFred Basset

Created by Scottish cartoonist Alex Graham.
Fred is a Basset Hound who lives with a married couple and appreciates the finer qualities of life. His canine friends: Jock, a Scottish Terrier, and Yorky, a Yorkshire Terrier. His girlfriend is Fifi (a Poodle). Fred Basset features in many books: number 1 (1963) to 45 (1993); later books dated by year, 1994 onwards.

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SatchelGet Fuzzy (Satchel Pooch)

Created by American cartoonist Darby Conley.
Get Fuzzy features a mean cat, Bucky B. Katt, who lives with his owner, Boston advertising executive Rob Wilco, and a dog named Satchel Pooch. Satchel is a naive canine who is always being tricked by Bucky; the cat thinks he rules the house — neither Rob nor Satchel agree with that, of course.


Newspaper comic strip created in 1954 by American cartoonist Brad Anderson. Marmaduke is a Great Dane, the bliss of the Winslows' house since the father (Phil) brought home the "little" thing from a pet store (his wife Dottie likes the dog, but Marmaduke demands a lot of extra work...). The couple have two children: Barbara and Billy.

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EarlMutts (Earl)

Created by American cartoonist Patrick McDonnell. Earl, a Jack Russell Terrier, lives with his beloved master Ozzy; his best friend is Mooch, a cat who lives in a house in front of his with an elderly couple. Earl has some canine friends, too: Guard Dog and Woofie.

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SnoopyPeanuts (Snoopy)

Created by American cartoonist Charles M. Schulz (1922-2000). Snoopy is Charlie Brown's Beagle. Charlie and Snoopy were honored with a statue; see STATUES.

PonchoPooch Café (Poncho)

Created by cartoonist Paul Gilligan. Poncho lives with his master Chazz; Chazz's wife, Carmen, is a cat person and keeps several of them in the house, for Poncho's dismay. He is lazy and loves to eat (he's a bit of a clown); he doesn't like to fetch (sticks or little balls) and hangs out at the Pooch Café where he can meet his friends Boomer, Poo Poo (a male Bichon Frise), Hudson, Beaumont (the "owner"), and Droolia (a female Bullmastiff, madly in love with Poo Poo). At home, there is also a fish.

Official site: Pooch Café

PoochPooch and Percival (Pooch)

Created by japanese-American cartoonist Tatsuya Ishida. Part of Sinfest, a webcomic. Pooch and Percival (Percy, the cat) live together with "Master". Pooch loves his master; Percy, well he's a cat...

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RoverRed and Rover (Rover)

Created by Brian Basset. Rover is the dog of Red, a 10-year-old boy. They live with Red's parents, Charlie and Carol, and Red's older brother, 17-year-old Martin.

Red and Rover

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