My name is Anton and I was a charming, handsome and smart male [Brazilian] [Basset Hound], black and white with a little brown. Well, actually, people insisted on saying to me I was a dog, but I never agreed with that, at all — anyone who knew me could notice I was as human as my beloved mistress Gisele!

I was born on November 2, 1986. My doggy mommy Sharise used to live near Gisele's house; one day, she saw me and my 10 siblings— Alita, Annie, Agatha, Aloha, Aruanã, Agnes, Alfa, Auê, Atlas and Andrews — playing in the garden (my doggy mom's masters wanted to show us in order to SELL us!!!) and she fell in love with us. But, among all those puppies, she chose ME — or should I say: I CHOSE HER!

I came home on December 16, 1986 and I was really cute! From then on, I lived a good life, besides being the bliss of the house!

25/12/198625 de dezembro de 1986

I loved eating, sleeping and barking. My favorite food was chicken, turkey and baked potatoes and for dessert I liked chocolate, a sweet made of pumpkin, candies and cookies — actually, I was fond of anything sweet. I hated peas... I could take it out of my food easily, I would ate everything and left the peas... Gi hates peas, too!

I did hate to take baths, go to the veterinarian and stay by myself. I really didn't like water — when I went to the beach, I stayed away from the sea.

I was always glued to my Gi and when she was surfing on the Internet, I used to stay stay beside her all the time. My nicks were Batatinha ("Little Potato") — because I liked potatoes — and Tijolinho ("Little Brick"), because of the Brazilian song O Tijolinho: "you're my little love, you're my big love, you're the little brick that was missing in my construction"... it was playing on the radio when I was a baby, and my friend started calling me "tijolinho" from then on... When Gi got her first computer, I got addicted to... the room where it was placed! For 15 days I refused to go to sleep in my bed. I had an attack of anxiety, panted a lot, and took some time to my not-so-bright friend to understand what I wanted: to sleep beside the computer (the door was kept closed at night). Where the dog whisperers are when we need them???

The BallMy favorite hobby was to play with my [little red rubber ball] — and I wish my beloved friend had played with me more often... Also, wabril 1989hen I was younger, I very much liked to climb onto tables all the time (before I turned an old citizen, that is), and Gisele used to get mad at me... I was caught red handed many times, twice on picture, you can see them here.. Afterwards, I was afr... I didn't want to leave that nice place, so I had to wait someone show up to resc... to see me leave it for my own free will.

I was a good boy and didn't bother anybody. Well... I hope my beloved friend not read this... she told me that in my very first Easter I did something really, really bad (I don't remember doing anything!). She got from friends chocolate eggs. Arriving home, she put them on the bed; then the phone rang and she left the bedroom, leaving me alone there. Well, making a long story short, Gisele accused me of having eating almost allAnton, saia já

            daí! chocolate eggs she had got from her friends! She's a good person, but sometimes... by the way, chocolate is very dangerous to dogs; Gisele could never figure out why I didn't get poisoned; it is so simple, dear friend! I WASN'T a dog! BOL ooops, LOL Anyway, she just discovered that when I was already very old and had eaten chocolate to my heart's content.

I had an adopted brother, or rather, we had a brown, white Basset Hound as a pet! His name was Hommer, Look Me Tender Hommer, and we took him home from a breeder in January of 1987. He was born on November 24, 1986 and had 6 brothers and sisters; he had a good pedigree and his great-grandparents were Americans. In my humble opinion, he was a fat old dog who slobbered and slept too much (but I liked him anyway). Hommer howled like this: "ahrooooooo!" all the time, he really liked to show off! We used to call him Lovely Lomely, Gordinho ("Little Fatty") or Tijolão ("Big Brick"). Ah, I didn't have pedigree, but my dear friend Gisele loved me no end!

For many years, we had two street cats: a female named Bonequinha ("Little Doll") and a black and white male named Piçarrense. We liked them very much! She used to sleep on Hommer's belly and I had a lot of fun scratching Piçarrense's back...

Well, it's time to go; my [friends] are calling. You know, up here in Doggy Heaven, is quite nice. I feel young again, I can run and play all the time!

Anton Tijolinho

See how cute I


Anton was my best friend; I thank God every day for having had
the privilege of having him beside me for 14 years and 10 months. I'll never forget him or what he tought me in all the years we were together.

And, Anton, over the years, I learned that you have to be proud of being a DOG!


High up in the courts of Heaven to-day
A little dog-angel waits,
With the other angels he will not play,
But he sits alone at the gates;
"For I know that my mistress will come," says he:
"And when she comes she will call for me."

(The Little Dog-Angel)


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